17 Tips to Sell Your House Faster & at a Higher Price


Get A Cash Offer

  1. Refurbish your Home,Can be done cost effectively
  2. Present & Dress Your House as Best You Can, Curb Appeal
  3. Convert 1 Big Room into 2 rooms
  4. Open up the Plan
  5. Use Agent Type Boards to Market Your Home
  6. Self Advertise (Internet)
  7. Multi-List Your Property
  8. Do Your Own ‘Open House’
  9. Source Buyers Through Facebook & Social Media
  10. Offer Finance Assistance
  11. Leaflet in your area
  12. Put Postcards up in Your Local Area
  13. Run Newspaper Adverts
  14. Offer Higher Fee/Incentived to an Agent
  15. Furnish it
  16. Offer Additional Incentives to the Buyer
  17. Auction