Avoid a Broken Chain


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Don’t Let Your Dream Home Slip Away With A Broken Chain

The trouble with selling your house through an ordinary service as opposed to the services offered at Sell My House – Fast – London is that an ordinary service often involves the use of a chain, where you sell your home subject to your buyer selling their home and so on. However, if any one member of the chain should fall through, your planned sale could be in jeopardy. In a good market 1 in 3 property sales fall through, Never fear though. Sell My House – Fast – London is here to help. Our trained specialists will work with you to get your home sold quickly and efficiently with a minimum of fuss by eliminating the chain.

The advantages of our scheme as opposed to selling through ordinary channels are clear:

  • No Need to Worry About Others’Intentions – This is the main problem when dealing with a chain – that you are dependent on others to fulfil their end of the bargain. With Sell My House – Fast – London, you’ll never worry about that again.
  • Completion Date is Up to You – You no longer need to be concerned with working on someone else’s schedule. Sell My House – Fast – London work with you to find the perfect date for you to vacate the house so that it’s easiest for you.
  • No Commissions – Not only will Sell My House – Fast – London generally pick up the cost of the solicitor for you but you also will not have to worry about paying a commission to a real estate agent.
  • Peace of Mind – Sell My House – Fast – London works hard to make sure that your needs are fully taken care of in a straight forward honest, moral and ethical manner allowing total peace of mind.