Avoiding Home Repossession


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We can help you to Avoid Re-Possession

Dealing with repossession of your property can be a highly distressing experience, particularly if it has been your home for several years and you have already paid a large chunk of the mortgage off.

Although the number of people experiencing mortgage arrears, and consequently having their home repossessed, has fallen due to the current low interest rates, it is expected that many homeowners will struggle with paying their mortgage, and thus resulting in arrears and repossession, in 2011, due to spending cuts and its impact on employment and salary levels.

No matter how cautious you have been about living within your means in the past, you may be finding that the current economic climate has meant that you can no longer afford the mortgage payments on your home and are now several months in arrears, or are even facing eviction from the property. Waiting until your home is re-possessed to sort out your money worries may result in dire consequences and is likely to be a highly traumatic experience. If your borrower is not able to re-sell your home for the amount of your mortgage, you may be liable to still pay the short-fall as well as any other costs incurred, leaving you with the stress of losing your home and still paying a debt.  On top of this, you could also find it hard to purchase another property within London, as property prices remain high within the region and still out of many buyers price range.

At Sell My House – Fast – London, we can help you to re-organise your finances, often saving you from re-possession and releasing any equity that you may have in the property. We can offer you a hassle-free and highly professional selling solution that we know you will be satisfied with. We also help businesses that need to sell their commercial property fast in London too.

It may be that you are not struggling yet, but have recognised that future financial pressures, due to the state of the economic climate, are becoming harder to tolerate as we move further into 2011 , and that you would like to sell your home now. Selling on the open market may take several months once you have found a buyer, and the process can often be full of bottlenecks and breaks in the chain, whilst Sell My House – Fast – London can offer you a fast and guaranteed selling solution to your looming home selling problems.