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  • 17 Tips to Sell Your House Faster & at a Higher Price
    Refurbish your Home,Can be done cost effectively Present & Dress Your House as Best You Can, Curb Appeal Convert 1 Big Room into 2 rooms Open up the Plan Use Agent Type Boards to Market Your Home Self Advertise (Internet) Multi-List Your Property Do Your Own ‘Open House’ Source Buyers Through Facebook & Social Media […]
  • Sell and Rent Back
    6 Potential Pitfalls as a Homeowner of Sell and Rent Back (SRB): Selling your property through a sale and rent back scheme allows your mortgage debts to be initially cleared and for you to stay in your home. However, you need to keep in mind that if you decide to sign up to such a scheme, you […]
  • How To Avoid Repossession
    Facing possible eviction? There are alternatives. Avoid Repossession 1. Rent Out The Whole Property to avoid repossession – If you let your whole property to a family, the tenancy will normally be an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST). Renting is a very vast subject that I could write 100’s of pages on, to keep this report short I […]
  • Avoiding Home Repossession
    We can help you to Avoid Re-Possession Dealing with repossession of your property can be a highly distressing experience, particularly if it has been your home for several years and you have already paid a large chunk of the mortgage off. Although the number of people experiencing mortgage arrears, and consequently having their home repossessed, […]
  • Sell Your House Fast to avoid eviction
    Stopping you from Being Evicted from your Home Have you received an eviction notice but would like to keep hold of your home? A formal eviction notice is the last document, issued by the court, which you will be given prior to having your property taken off you. Receiving this notice can seem highly daunting, […]