Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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Q: Repossession proceedings have been issued on my home.  Can these be stopped?

A: Yes in some cases even up till the day of repossession proceedings. In most instances our lawyers will speak to the mortgage lenders and arrange for any loans to be repaid and proceedings halted. The sooner you contact us the more likely we are to be able to stop the repossession taking place.

Q: Are there any hidden costs when selling a property to Sell My House – Fast – London?
A: No, there are no costs.  We like to keep things nice and simple!

Q: Why should I choose you over an Estate Agent to sell my home fast?
A: Sell My House – Fast – London is a professional organisation specialising in buying London Commercial & Residential Property Fast, though we do consider properties in all areas of the UK. We buy all types of properties direct from the owners regardless of the condition of the property. This means you don’t have to worry about arranging viewings, tidying up rooms, mending the property to make it attractive to buyers, or undertaking those last minute decorating tasks. There’s no property chain to worry about and, as we buy direct, you won’t be hanging around waiting for offers to come in.

Q: How fast can you purchase?
A: You can often consider your property sold within 24 – 48 Hrs, although we do work to your time frames, if you are not in a hurry.

Q: What if I’m already using an estate agent to sell my home?
A: This is usually not a problem, however It does depend on the precise terms of your agent’s contract which you should check carefully. A “Sole Selling Rights” contract could allow the agent to charge you commission whoever you sell to, even if they don’t introduce the buyer.

Q: What about Home Information Packs (HIPS)?
A: HIP’s were scrapped on 21st May 2010, it is no longer a requirement to have a Homeowners Information Pack when selling your house in London and most other parts of the UK.

Q: How do I value my property?
A: Sell My House – Fast – London offers all our website visitors a FREE Independent  Property Valuation Report (3rd party), To get your Free House Valuation Report Now Click Here.

Q: Will you give me a fair market price for my property?
A: Yes! Unlike most other cash buyers, Sell My House – Fast – London offers are up to 95% of the market value. Our unique approach to property purchasing allows us to pay the highest possible prices and often beat even those obtained via Estate Agents (after Agents commissions). Request a no obligation offer now – you’ve got nothing to lose.

Q: How do I prepare my house for a fast sale?
A: There is no need for you to do any work to the house, Sell My House – Fast – London specialise in offering the best solution for a fast house sale, no matter what the condition or state of the property.

Q: How long does the offer take?
A: Initially our representative will have a no obligation and confidential chat on the phone and ask you a few questions about your property.  At that stage we can usually give an indication of what our offer is likely to be.  We need to carry out a thorough appraisal of property prices in your area and make other checks. This is done very quickly and we can often give you a formal offer with 18 Hours, selling your house couldn’t be easier.

Q: What if I don’t want to proceed?
A: There’s no obligation on you to proceed once you’ve received our “no obligation offer”.  No salesmen will call on you, nor will you be pestered with phone calls.

Q: How quickly can we move?
A: You can get on with your life and move within a matter of days.

Q: How much will you offer me?
A: Sell My House – Fast – London pride ourselves on being different to most fast house sale companies, we will work closely with you to understand your exact situation and circumstances and offer a taylor-made solution to your situation. Often we can pay near the same amount you would get off of an Estate Agent sale, just in a fraction of the time.

Q: Do I get the amount you offer me, or are there any deductions?
A: The amount we offer is the amount you will get, less any outstanding mortgage or loans on your property. There are no hidden charges or additional fees.

Q: Do I need a Solicitor?
A: Yes. As with any property transaction, you will need a solicitor to complete the legal formalities.  If you do not already have a solicitor, then we can recommend one. As part of our service we will often pay your legal costs on the sale of your property at the time of completion.

Q: Do I need to complete lots of paperwork?
A: No.  You will need to sign an agreement with us and complete the normal legal documentation associated with any property sale.  Should you wish your Sell My House – Fast – London representative can liaise with the solicitor and your existing mortgage or loan company, and take care of all the formalities on your behalf.

Q: In what areas do you buy properties?
A: We specialise in London, though we do offer Fast House Sale solutions nationwide.

Q: Will anybody know about the sale?
A: No. We offer a discreet service,  all discussions with you are kept in the strictest of confidence.

Q: Are there any types of properties that you do not purchase?
A: No. Sell My House – Fast – London purchase all types of properties, including residential,  land, commercial, farms, and those with sitting tenants, in any condition, vacant or rented. Even those with planning, legal or tenant problems.

Q: Do you offer buy back options?
A: Yes.  We frequently offer our sellers the option to buy their property back at a later date. Such options normally have a 3 to 5 year life span.  Sell My House – Fast – London agree a price with you at the time you sell your property to us and that price remains fixed for the period of the buy back term.  However, whilst we are tied in and cannot sell to anyone else, you are not;  should you change your mind and not want to buy the property back then you do not have to.

Q: Can I stay in my property and rent it back?
A: Due to a change in regulation in this area, Sell My House – Fast – London are unable to offer a Sale & Rent Back solution. We can however pass you to one of our reputable Regulated Partners in this area who will be able to assist you.

Q: What is a Lease Option?
A: “Lease Options” allow Investors to “take control” of the running costs & responsibility of a property, without actually purchasing it immediately. In simple terms, this means that you can move on now with the knowledge and comfort that you have agreed to sell the property in the future at an agreed fixed price from the outset.  If you would like to explore this approach with us please do give us a call.

Q: How do I know you won’t rip me off when I sell my house fast?
A: We pride ourselves in being upfront, honest and ethical.

We’ll tell you how it is from day one. We will Never lead you on and reduce offers at the last minute.

Sell My House – Fast – London work closely with you to establish a solution to your specific needs and base our offer on that and the valuation that comes in, you are also under NO obligation to accept our offer.

We are in business for the long term so our reputation is of paramount importance to us. A high percentage of our customers are through referrals and we would like to keep it that way. We want to help as many people as possible. Take a look at our testimonials. Nearly everyone is happy to have called us even if they don’t use us.

Q: Can I call out of hours?
A: Yes. For contact details or to Request a Callback fill in the form on our Contact Sell My House – Fast – London Page or email in total confidence for a no obligation chat to find out how we can help you!

If any of your questions have not been answered on our website then please email Sell My House – Fast – London, we are always looking for ways to improve our quality of service.