Home Selling Problems


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The Simplest Way To Shift Your Home If It Won’t Sell

It can be very frustrating when you need to make a quick sale of your home, but you are finding it hard to overcome the home selling problems that are stopping you from securing a buyer. The main reason for not being able to sell your home may be due to the current financial climate, but there are also many property-related reasons that may inhibit a quick sale, for example:

  • The property requires maintenance or repair work
  • The property needs to be modernised or refurbished
  • The general basic furnishings need to be updated
  • The property is not in a ‘sought after’ location
  • There is no gas central heating
  • There is no double glazing
  • The windows do not meet the designated standard
  • Insulation is poor
  • The property is messy, untidy or worn

Many buyers will be looking to purchase a home that is ready for them to move straight into, with minimal work required. In addition to this, mortgage companies may specify that certain work is carried out to the property prior to securing a mortgage on it.

At Sell My House – Fast – London, we understand that you may not want to fork out a lot of money, or hold up the sale, in order to fix any problems that enable your house to become more attractive to potential buyers. We can provide you with a guaranteed sale within days of making an offer, no matter what condition the property is in or where it is located, thus helping you to make a sale quickly, and also removing the cost incurred from making home improvements yourself.

We pride ourselves on providing a fast sale process that is efficient, and meets all of your needs. Also, as there are no survey fees, estate agents’ commission, or hidden costs to pay, you can enter into the sale with certainty that you will receive a financially stress-free service from us.