The Accidental Landlords


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In today’s economic climate, it is becoming increasingly common that people find themselves becoming accidental landlords, whereby they are forced into renting out their property when they have been unable to find the right homebuyer and achieve a quick house sale at the price they wanted or needed.

Sell My House – Fast – London have also seen a rise in the number of accidental landlords who would rather not have the responsibility of renting out their property. After giving the rental market a bash, there are many reasons why a landlord may make this decision, such as:

  • The vast amount of legislation that must be adhered to
  • The impact that the erratic behaviour of interest rates have on investment properties
  • The repair and maintenance costs involved
  • The frequent need to find someone to rent out the property

In addition to this, it is becoming increasingly harder to remortgage properties and, if this is accomplished, there may be an associated negative impact on the profit made.

Sell My House – Fast – London has helped countless accidental landlords by purchasing their homes from them. These have included both tenanted properties, whereby the tenants remain in residence with minimal disruption, and untenanted properties. Alternatively, in the circumstance where the value of the property has fallen below the required amount, such as when the current market value no longer covers the outstanding balance of the mortgage, we are also able to offer the additional service of renting the property off the landlord for a longer period of time, enabling them to cover the mortgage costs, until the value of the property has increased enough for us to purchase the property outright.

In summary, Sell My House – Fast – London can provide you with a tailor-made offer to purchase your home. Complete the form provided on the Contact Sell My House – Fast – London page so that we can commence an assessment on your property, no matter if it is tenanted or untenanted, or has a Housing of Multiple Occupation (HMO) licence.

If you no longer wish to be one of the Accidental Landlords and would like to sell your home, we can help you achieve this.